Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Plans, Treks & Automobiles

We picked up some Mexican Falsa blankets in Downtown Scottsdale the other day. I just wanted to make sure we took a little memento of the Southwest with us to Louisiana.

Last weekend we went to Crafeteria in Phoenix and picked up the Arizona heart ornament. If you are interested, you can get one from his shop Citizen Home Decor. To the right is the Arizona string art project that Jason and I did together last year. You can read it about it here.
Twenty-one days until we move! There is so much to do, plan, and discover. We are soaking up extra time with our families, fitting in coffee dates at our favorite local coffee shop, and deciding on a select few detours on our very long road trip. So many adventures, so little time!

I'm so thankful that we are getting the opportunity to live in another part of the country. I spent my childhood in Maryland, adolescence in Arizona, and now Louisiana in my 20's. It's been fun learning different environments. I'm a little nervous, but I know it will be an amazing adventure.

♥ Do you have any suggestions on what we should stop and see along the way?

We will be taking the I-10 pretty much the whole way. So far we are making a stop at White Sands National Monument near Las Cruces, New Mexico, Jo's Coffee in Austin, Texas, and the Sam Houston monument in Huntsville, Texas. 


  1. Your pictures are always so lovely!! I'm glad you're taking a bit of Arizona with you! That's exactly what I would do if I was moving out of NY!
    Sincerely, Sara

    1. I'd love to know what little mementos you would take if you left NY. It's going to be crazy to leave AZ, but I think Jason and I are going to have fun in Louisiana :)