Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pen Pals + 20 Things

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I have wanted a pen pal ever since I was little. When I first moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Scottsdale, Arizona I used to hand write my friends and family members on a regular basis. As time moved on, I made new friends and got involved in sports and other activities, and by the time I thought to sit down and write a letter it became antiquated. With my friends I would email or IM, and family members I would either call or wait for a family reunion to catch up. I have realized how meaningful writing can be, and how impersonal communication has gotten over the years. I love seeing people's handwriting, and finding fun stamps and stationary to add character to a simple note. This is my official call for a pen pal. If you are interested, please let me know. Though beware: I will try to make my letter as cute as possible. You've been warned.


I was on IG and saw this idea floating around: twenty things you probably don't know about me. I realized that this little space of mine has a lot of my ideas or inspiration, but not necessarily a lot about who I am as a person. It's about time I share some lesser known facts about myself.

1. If I like a film or television show I can watch it over and over. I have probably watched The Goonies, The Office, and Hocus Pocus about a million times each.

2. When Jason and I got married, we entered the reception as husband and wife under lightsabers to the Star Wars theme song. It was epic.

3. I have kept a journal since I was five years old. My dad gave me composition notebooks and I started writing, and never stopped. Today I'm using one from Urban Outfitters that describes the benefits of coffee on the cover. For some reason, I prefer spiral notebooks.

4. When I was eleven my parents planned a trip to Hawaii. I skipped it and flew to Baltimore to spend time with my older brother Michael instead. If I could do it all over again I would make the same exact choice.

5. When I first started college I was going for a nursing degree. My mom had a brain aneurysm and the nurses kept commenting on my excellent bedside manner. Oddly enough I was not phased by all the intricate details of her procedures. Last minute I decided to go for my art degree, because nursing just didn't feel right. I should probably mention that my mom made a full recovery and is very happy and healthy.

6. In high school I was on the swim team and lacrosse team. I actually co-founded the lacrosse team at my school, and my older sister Michelle was the coach.

7. My husband Jason and I officially met at Guitar Center. He asked for my number so we could play Rock Band together. He is the best drummer ever.

8. I didn't start drinking coffee until I was in college. My first taste was illy espresso at a little cafe called Zinc Bistro at Kierland.

9. I have an impeccable memory of my childhood.

10. I read every ingredient list on the products I use, and the food I eat. I don't use anything with parabens, sulfates, or synthetic colors/fragrances. Most of the products I use are from Whole Foods, the ZuZu Luxe line.

11. I have a coffee date with my dad once a week when we can. We talk about history, literature, and sometimes politics. He still loves me even though I'm an Obama-loving, NPR listening, liberal. 

12. I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona. I graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in January 2010. I worked at Massage Envy for a while, but it wasn't for me. So now I'm back at school and loving the education I'm getting.

13. Once a week I go to my acupuncturist Lea. She is helping me overcome anxiety and PTSD. Jason and I were attacked in Tempe, Arizona last year. We were just taking a walk, and a man came after us with a machete. A family in a truck sped over to us, and saved our lives. The father and son that were in the truck got the man to the ground and held him there until the police arrived. The man that attacked us is in jail, and thankfully cannot cause harm to anyone else. I am slowly getting over that event. If you are suffering from PTSD I urge you to go to this site. There is a lot of good articles and a meditation video.

14. My favorite memory from our honeymoon wasn't going to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or seeing Big Ben in London, but it was when Jason and I went to the top of a hill in Chaumont-en-Vexin, France and stood in the rain and starred at the beautiful city below us. We were extremely lucky to have stayed with our French family, Christelle and Marion. 

15. Last year, at the age of 24, I got chickenpox. My dad had shingles, which caused me to catch the virus. Of course it was during finals week, but I still pulled off straight A's which I'm ridiculously proud of.

16. My parents used to own a condo in Ocean City, Maryland. It had a beautiful view, and we made so many amazing memories there with our family and friends.

17. I have a black and white Australian Shepherd named Joker. We named him after Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight as The Joker. He is the cutest dog ever, seriously. His nickname is "Little Fox" because that's what he looks like when he gets his haircut.

18. I have two tubs full of paintings. I started painting in high school, and have gone through phases of painting off and on since then. I recently realized that just because others, including family, don't think you have talent doesn't make it true. You should only have supportive people in your life.

19. Death Cab For Cutie is my favorite band. 

20. I have only read the seventh Harry Potter book, but I'm about to change that. My goal is to make time to read all of them before the end of the year. 

Well, there you go. This collection of twenty things is something I don't share with just anyone, but it belongs here in this beautiful blogging community. If you decide to share twenty things about yourself please leave a link in the comments. I would love to learn about each and every one of you. ♥ 


  1. I would love love love to be your pen pal!! I love handwriting letters! My email is so we can send each other our addresses. So excited!

    I'm all about number 1 on your list -- if I love a movie I can see it a million times and never get bored!

    I'm so sorry about what happened to you that night. I hope you work your way through your anxiety!

    OMG you really have to read all the Harry Potters! My fave is the 3rd one!

    1. Yay! I'm so happy that you want to be pen pals :) I will email you tonight!

      The third movie was my favorite, so I'm sure I will love the book even more.

  2. I'm definitely the same with Number 1 - I love re-watching fave movies and shows!
    I was on the swim team too!!

  3. P.S The 3rd Harry Potter is definitely the best!!

    1. Wow, another no.3 favorite :) I can't wait to read it.

  4. When I was in junior high I read a book called "Snail Mail No More." I loved it because you were basically reading letters two girls wrote each other. I used to write letters to all my friends in school which was ridiculous because I saw them everyday. I loved making them cute as well!

  5. I always wanted a pen pal, too!! Now there are blogs... :/

    Rachael of THE PARADERS

    1. Yeah, but if you ever want a pen pal too I'm here :)

  6. Haha, this is awesome. Those are so many cute little facts and insights. Love it.


  7. I've always wanted a pen pal! Let's be pen pals! :)

    1. Oh my gosh I didn't see your comment until now! I would LOVE to be your pen pal :)

  8. Hey Naomi, I'd love to be your pen pal too! My email is if you'd like to exchange addresses.

    I've read all of the Harry Potter's except the 7th... & I love the Goonies!