Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fused Space Gallery

Over the weekend Jason and I went to an exhibition at Fused Space Gallery called Spacetime by Leo Villareal in San Francisco. This may have been our last trip over to San Francisco before Phoenix arrives, even though the city is only a half hour from our apartment. We enjoyed some beautiful artwork and shared a cup of coffee at Saint Frank Coffee. It was a perfect day, and one that I will always remember.

Real life can be a funny thing. I've been listening to the same two minutes of sound repeatedly for about an hour. It's a song called "Valentine" by Jessie Ware and Sampha. With a little over a week to go until my due date I am feeling a full range of emotions. I've looked at all of the old photos on my iPhone over the last nine months and it makes me feel so grateful for my life that it brings a tear to my eye. The few that really stand out consist of: a photo of my dad laughing at Altitude Coffee when we visited our family for Christmas in Scottsdale, a bunch of belly shots of my ever-growing baby bump, all of our road trips, and a ton of grainy snaps of Jason and I kissing, smiling, or being silly. I'm also feeling nervous about the delivery, and the whole process of bringing him home and beginning a new daily routine. Overall I am ridiculously happy, and I can't wait for all those little moments of his first smile, putting the tiny socks on his feet, and singing and playing the ukulele for him. I am so lucky to be going through this with my best friend. The things I'm most excited about are: seeing Phoenix's face for the first time, long family snuggles with the three of us in bed, and getting the chance to share our baby boy with our friends and family. I'm feeling very sentimental, so I have to add that even though it will take some time, I really can't wait for my other best friend Brian to meet him, introducing him to Sara on his first trip to New York, and driving out to Utah so my cousin Debbie can give him a big hug.


  1. "Smiles" are going to be a super-di-duper mommy! What a grand adventure! Love you loads....Shala

    1. You are so sweet for saying that! Thank you so much Shala! Love you too. :)