Thursday, February 25, 2016


With a little more than 2 weeks to go, I am really trying to focus on the little things in life that make me happy. It's easy to become overwhelmed, so I'm attempting to make every moment deliberate. This is not an easy task, but I know how worth it is to live a life where you dedicate your mind to the moment you are in. Today I'm reading Drift magazine, eating some thin mints, and looking forward to catching up on The Minimalists podcast.

Last night Jason and I got the last few things off of our baby registry. It was a wonderful feeling, but as we left Buy Buy Baby I couldn't help but feel a panic that not only is this all really happening but it's only 15 days away (+/- a few days). I know we are ready, but the anticipation has been growing for almost 9 months. I've been writing a song for Phoenix on the ukulele. When it is all finished I will share it with everyone that reads my little blog. 

I also wanted to share something really amazing that Jason said the other night: the dawn is cleansing. Now I wake up in the morning reminded that it is a new day and the possibilities are endless.

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  1. I love thin mints! Yum! I have a bunch of cute baby items that are coming your way soon!! :)