Friday, October 30, 2015

Pregnancy: Week 20

Size: our little one is the size of a mango! He is about 6.5 inches long and 10 ounces!

Symptoms: our long walks are a little shorter than they used to be, but just as enjoyable.

Watching: I absolutely love The Age of Adaline. It is the cutest movie ever.

Loving: all of the kicks! Our little boy has been kicking up a storm lately. 

Smelling: Good Candle Brooklyn in Americano. Trust me, this candle smells amazing.

Playing with: scrabble, because we're awesome.

Thinking about: baby names. We are trying to decide between two.

Travel: I would like to go to Los Angeles sometime soon, but we are definitely trying to plan out a trip to Phoenix to see our family for Christmas.

Tasting: we are still enjoying the vegan plain cake donuts we made the other night. They are so tasty!

Listening to: currently spinning BANKS. 

Excited to: put together the crib my mom bought us on her trip out here. We finally found the right place to put it, and now we just need to assemble it.

Wanting: my stye to go away. Boo, stye! I got a lot of dust in my eye after sweeping our balcony, and I have been using a warm compress but it still persists.

Daddy-to-be: happy, excited, and talking a lot about teaching him everything!

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