Friday, August 1, 2014

Taking Stock

Making: it consists of a wooden plaque, black paint, zinc nails, and white string.
Cooking: Jason and I are still enjoying the harvest loaf I mentioned in this post.
Drinking: I suppose you could say I'm a purist, just coffee and water.
Reading: currently Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger.
Wanting: Aēsop reverence aromatique hand wash.
Looking: at The Minimalists blog. It is my new favorite place to read, learn, and grow.
Playing: Jason and I have been playing music together, and it is incredibly special.
Deciding: how to hang our bicycles. It is down to this or that.
Wishing: my friend Brian a very happy birthday. Today he is 27!
Enjoying: blogs and articles about minimalism.
Waiting: we are so excited for our trip to New York City in September.
Liking: Therese Sennerholt graphic prints and postcards. You can view her webshop here.
Wondering: when Of Monsters & Men's new album will be released.
Loving: how much money we have made selling items that we never use.
Pondering: the difficulty of learning another language.
Considering: what classes to take this upcoming semester.
Watching: documentaries, mostly. I am currently looking for one specifically about Swedish culture.
Hoping: Jason and I have time to play a board game tonight.
Marveling: at Courtney Carver's list of "25 Reasons You Might be a Minimalist".
Needing: to make a goal list for the month of August.
Smelling: I absolutely love Byredo's perfume Pulp.
Wearing: grey shorts with black sketched skulls on them and a shirt that says, "Je veux faire du vēlo".
Following: Glasgow blogger Deborah's posts from Ollie & Seb's Haus.
Noticing: the beautiful weather we have been having the last few days.
Knowing: the importance of what really matters - love, learning, and self-expression.
Thinking: how sweet it was that my dad bought this print from my søciety6 shop.
Feeling: really proud of myself for starting a few online shops, and continuing on with my education.
Admiring: Franz Kline, because his work fascinates me.
Sorting: I have sorted through everything, which has given us more room to grow.
Buying: we sold our old record player, and bought a new all-black Crosley. She's a beauty.
Getting: more out of life with every passing moment.
Bookmarking: a recipe for clementine cake. It is just like the one from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
Disliking: missing my niece, Leona, taking her first steps. She is growing up so fast.
Opening: a pretty package from Story North. All you need is brown paper with black and white string.
Giggling: last night we watched the new episode of Welcome to Sweden, and Greg Poehler is silly.
Feeling: more focused, and happy. Change can be so good.


  1. I like what you did there with that top photo.

  2. I love those hands! I've always wanted one! I can't wait to see you! What language are you thinking of trying to learn? I've considered trying to learn Korean, but it's a difficult one!

    1. Oh my goodness! Korean would be an incredible language to learn, but I think it would be tough. I would love to learn more French, as well as Swedish.