Friday, December 6, 2013

Simple Holiday Decor + Weekend Links

We have so much planning to do for our move to Louisiana! There won't be too much extra time to fully decorate for Christmas or do many crafts, but I did have a moment to squeeze a little something in. I just picked up a Martha Stewart punch and I sprinkled these loose snowflakes all around our home. It took two minutes, and it adds a little holiday spirit to our place.

Oh Target, how I love thee so! Seriously though, this was $4 and I'm in ornament heaven. We also got our mini white tree there too. I will miss getting a real Christmas tree this year, but there's always next year.

Honestly, the Target dollar section is amazing. That's where we found the spinning top, snowflake dish, and tree skirt. The pinecones are from right outside our front door. Who says you can't decorate for Christmas on a budget? 

My mom gave me the stocking that my grandmother knit for me. I love having something that she created. She was such a beautiful, sweet, and loving woman. I will always have this hanging up for the holidays. It is so unbelievably special to me.

Here are some weekend links for you to enjoy:

The world lost an amazing man. You can read and learn more about the life of Nelson Mandela here.

It only happens once in a decade, and it occurred twice just in the past week! The Grand Canyon experienced a rare temperature inversion which created a river of clouds. You can see and read about in this article.

Do you love succulents? Christmas? Well I found the perfect pairing of these two here.

Tonight is the 8th Annual Crafeteria in Downtown Phoenix from 6-10pm. For more information, visit the Frances Vintage blog here. That's where Jason and I will spending our Friday night. I can't wait!

♥ Do you have any family holiday heirlooms that you are currently displaying? Have you ever stuck to simple decorations, or do you go all out?


  1. I love the idea of sprinkling little snowflakes all over your house! So cute! I think you're white Christmas tree is adorable!

  2. You're moving! Yay! That's so exciting. ♥

    That fog is so, so gorgeous. I love this planet! It is the coolest!

    The snowflake idea is fun. We don't really do Christmas at my house, but I love seeing decorations in and out of other homes. Your tree is so cute!

    The Rambling Fangirl

    1. I'm excited about the fog! I think it will be fun to photograph it :)