Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!


Jason: Jon Snow
Phoenix: Dragon
Naomi: Daenerys Targaryen

Tonight we are celebrating All Hallow's Eve by going to downtown to get an apple pie latte at Coffee Shop, walking around the neighborhood to look at all the street lit up with decorations, carving a Star Wars-themed pumpkin, and watching a scary movie after our little dragon goes to bed.

How are you spending your evening?


  1. Just sent a text to Jason....great pictures....I think Jason was a Dragon his first Halloween!! And...thought that 3rd from the bottom picture was an announcement, he can tell you about my question....haha! Love you guys, have a great night. For the first time I'm 'not' decorating, did it still last year and only got one trick or treater. Now there are at least 3 major haunted houses in the neighborhood, everyone goes there and we are off the beaten path....I think I'll go to Chris Burkett's and maybe the other two haunted houses... Love you all!!

    1. That would be so cute if Jason and Phoenix were both dragons for their first Halloweens! I can see what you mean from that picture, but no announcement to make. :) We were thinking we would wait until Phoenix was two or so to have another little one. I hope you had fun last night! We love you too! <3