Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Life Lately + Details

We have been so busy with planning, packing, and visiting with family. I had just a quick moment to make a quick little ornament and snap a few photographs. I bought this cute mouse from IKEA for under a $1, and I'm stringing it with some baker's twine.

I've had this movie on today while cleaning and organizing things for our move. It reminds me of my mother. It's sweet, and just classic.

My brother surprised me Sunday night by stopping in town for a few days. He got me this beautiful stone box for Christmas.

My little helper. He just got a haircut for the big move! He is so soft and shiny. I think he is ready to make some new doggy friends in Louisiana. 

Jason and I finished the R2-D2 lego set I gave him for our anniversary. Jason surprised me with a bouquet of peace roses. We have less than two weeks left in Arizona. There are a lot of things to get done before we go, so it was a very thoughtful pick-me-up.

A small detail in our home. I love the old doorbell. 

We have made so many memories in our home, especially with all of the crafty projects we created here. All of them, if not most, are coming with us. I guess when we arrive we will have a few more pins to add. 

♥ What little details do you love in your home?


  1. That mouse is so adorable! I watched the Sound of Music Live and it was good, but it wasn't nearly as amazing as the original! My favorite details in my home are all the random knickknacks my mom has collected over the years!

  2. Where are you stringing up the rat? That is a cool doorknob!
    I love all the photos of our adventures my boyfriend and I have been on and of course our fur balls!

  3. The Sound of Music is one of my faves!!

  4. Oh my gosh, that puppy! Love the little home details, especially those with history. My home was built in the 40's so there's a lot going on...the kitchen used to be a room for homeschooling so there's a pencil sharpener from the 50's and the super thick wood floors are beautiful too.
    Very cool r2d2 and map. That's a great idea to put one in your home. Don't know why I never thought of it!
    x atelier zozo

  5. i love your vintage doorbells too. and the map! i always have map too whenever i live. now i only need to add the pins on it :)

  6. My favorite thing at home is that I styled my room like an East Coast B&B. It's really relaxing! I'm currently hosting a giveaway I think you'd enjoy: