Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Currently + Phalaenopsis Yu Pin Pearl

Watching. Over the weekend we finished up the final season of Dexter. It was a wild ride. When we picked up groceries at Trader Joe's this orchid caught my eye. It reminded me of the "blood spatter" orchid Hannah gave Dexter.

Loving. I love my new earrings from Sevgi Charms. Like I said before, it has been two years since I switched them up, so it was about time. These cuties were worth the wait.

Reading. Next week I'm starting Catching Fire. I read the first Hunger Games book and loved it. I really want to read the next one before I see the movie. I'll be using our last photo booth souvenir as my bookmark.  

Playing with. My "playtime" consists of an afternoon at Buffalo Exchange. I thrifted one blouse, one crop top, and one necklace. Can you tell I'm really into arrows?

Thinking about. My mind is on the holidays. It surprises me that people already have their Christmas trees up. I'm at the list-making stage of what diy's, presents, and decorations I want to do, make, and buy. These stringed lights are going to be wrapped around our bed frame. I thought it might be fun to put a little something up, even though we generally wait until December 1. 

Working on. My life has sadly been dedicated solely on finals. Two down, two to go. My math final is due Saturday, so my life consists of coffee, a TI-84 Plus, and endless scribbles in my notebook.

Tasting. A few weeks ago I picked up these cute woodland cookie cutters. If time allows it, I was thinking about making some sugar cookies, and possibly this Almond-Jam Tart recipe from Kinfolk Vol. 9 for Thanksgiving. We have two houses to visit, so one recipe for each side of the family.

Listening to. Local Natives' Hummingbird album is so good. I can listen to it over and over! If you haven't heard them yet, you are in for a real treat.

Anticipating. I can't wait to see how our Oana Befort portrait turns out! She is such a sweet, talented lady. This is my anniversary present, and I can't think of a better one.

♥ Thank you to Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for the idea for this post. What are you currently into?


  1. You always take the most interesting photos! I always love all the negative space! I love your new earrings! I love Oana Befort's pictures too! Good luck on your finals!

    1. You are so kind! I love taking photos. And thank you, the earrings are even better than I thought they would be :)