Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween + Simplicity

I love celebrating All Hallow's Eve! We have been so busy that we didn't make our costumes until last night. Luckily it only took like 20 minutes to create our bandit attire. We made our masks out of black felt and ribbon. We also used the black felt to cut out the shape of the dollar sign and simply glued it to a canvas tote bag.

This was one of the first holiday decorations we ever bought together. It was three years ago and we got it at a dollar store. I'll keep it forever.

I love little pumpkins. This one caught my eye at Trader Joe's. Next year I think I might buy a bunch of different kinds and put them all around our home.

These boo glasses are so dear to me. I have had these since I was little. The eyes glow red when you turn it on. It's hard to believe that after 20 years I haven't had to replace the batteries. I hope I didn't just jinx it.

This gargoyle is another dollar store gem. It reminds me of our honeymoon oddly enough. There were gargoyles on almost every cathedral we saw in Europe.

Come little children
I'll take thee away
Into a land of enchantment
Come little children
The time's come to play
Here in my garden of magic

I hardly ever wear red lipstick, but for some reason it seems fitting. I can't wait to see my little niece on her very first Halloween, stop by a cute neighborhood haunted house, sip a PSL, and watch a scary movie with my guy. 

♥ What are your plans for tonight? Are you dressing up?


  1. Adorable bandit costume! Why didn't I think of that!

    xHaley :

  2. Such a cute costume!! I love all your Halloween decorations! My mom has three of those gargoyles! Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you!! Better late then never, right? :)

  3. You two looked great in your costumes last night! Love you!

  4. This is pretty adorable, I'm into it!