Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Favorites + Weekend Links

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Jason and I are planning a trip to San Francisco at the end of summer and I just love reading this blog.

NPR interviewed a woman about her success on buying antiques form yard sales and selling them on eBay. You can find her blog here.

The Lucky Draw Project reminds us how therapeutic coloring can be. Interested? Subscribe here.

I'm teaching myself how to crochet. I get inspired from this lovely blog.

There are no stockists for this magazine in the states yet, but it's definitely worth the shipping.

♥ Happy Friday lovelies! What are you come of your current favorites?


  1. The bedding on the bed in that top photograph is beautiful. I love to read One Sheepish Girl's blog too, although it also frustrates me that I can't get to grips with either knitting or crochet. My favourite blog at the moment is A Beautiful Mess at Elsie and Emma are so inspiring and their posts have brilliant variety to them.

    1. Oh I love ABM! Those ladies inspire me endlessly :)

  2. Love the record player... I already told my boyfriend that's what I want for Christmas, haha. Loving the succulents too. I want more of them since they don't require too much light and attention.

    Crocheting is so much fun! I'm a lot better at it than knitting...

    And in response to terribleideas, Elsie and Emma are huge inspirations to me as well. I eagerly read their blog daily!


    1. My mom taught me how to knit when I was in high school, but I never learned how to crochet. I've been watching videos on YouTube to teach myself :)

  3. ooo how's the crochet coming? is it hard? i remember trying knitting once and it was an un-godly disaster, haha

    xo Marlen
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    1. I think it's kind of hard, but I know it just takes practice :)