Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Window Shopping + World Market

I saw this card and it reminded me of our dog, Joker.

I used to play with jacks when I was little.


I need a compost pale. I could put the broken down material in our garden.

This flower scrubber would make doing dishes a little more sunny!

We went window shopping at World Market last weekend. They always have such unique, fun items there. All the photos are from World Market except the first one, which was at Target. Do you like to window shop? If so, where? ♥


  1. i love world market too, but i never seem to be able to just window shop, i always end up buying stuff!

    1. I'll probably get some stuff over time, but we were just window shopping this time :)

  2. World Market is so much fun! They have the coolest stuff. LOVE that whale... maybe I'll have to stop in sometime!