Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vegan Cupcakes + iTunes Shuffle

Today Jason and I made vanilla cupcakes out of the Babycakes Vegan (mostly Gluten Free) Cupcakes recipe book. In a nutshell it was ah-mazing :) We had iTunes on shuffle and laughed, danced, and took a bunch a photos.


The real deal - from Babycakes in LA {2011}

Top Ten Songs to Bake Cupcakes to:
♥ "RIght As Rain" Adele
♥ "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands" Band of Horses
♥ "Glory & Consequence" Ben Harper
♥ "Howlin' For You" The Black Keys
♥ "Title Track" Death Cab For Cutie
♥ "Swimming" Florence & The Machine
♥ "Pumpkin Soup" Kate Nash
♥ "Doo Wop" Lauryn Hill
♥ "The Lemon Song" Led Zeppelin
♥ "Like A Boss" The Lonely Island


  1. Sound super yummy! Love your new measuring utensils ;-)

  2. Thanks :] They were really fun to bake the cupcakes with.