Thursday, November 9, 2017

Iron Horse Trail

Iron Horse Trail
Walnut Creek, California

Tuesday was a crazy day. We had to vacate our apartment for the day while they installed new windows in both the bedroom and living room. We took a long walk on the Iron Horse Trail, had a picnic in the park, went to the library, and did anything that caught our eye that day. When the work on our apartment was done Phoenix and I both came down with a fever. It was his first fever ever. Last night it got up to 103! It has been very difficult to have a sick child, be sick myself, and deal with the normal morning (afternoon and evening) sickness. We are supposed to go to LA tomorrow morning, so everyone cross their fingers that we will both be in tip top shape by then. Luckily, my fever is gone and Phoenix's fever is down to 101. I'm just going to keep thinking positive thoughts!

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  1. sorry to hear you two are sick....I hope you both are feeling better and able to go on your trip...! Love you all!