Friday, August 19, 2016

Black Betty

Last weekend we said goodbye to our first car together: Black Betty. Jason went out to pick up some breakfast while we were in Los Angeles, and on his drive back to my brother's house all of the lights began to flash. The car wasn't driving the same, and we didn't feel safe making the trip back up to the Bay Area during the summer with Phoenix. We managed to find another Prius that same day. It was a great deal, and now we have so many new journeys ahead of us in: The Jon Snowmobile.

Black Betty took us 184,000 miles, across 10 states, had over 3,000 hours worth of talks and laughs along the way, and carried us a distance equal to 7.3 times around the world. We'll miss you!


  1. How freaky! Did you find out what caused all of the lights to flash?? Glad you got a replacement car so quickly! Love you!

  2. That's so weird! Glad you found a new car so quickly!