Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Current Favorites

Favorite Candle
My brother came to visit over the weekend, and he brought me this awesome candle. It's a black cat that when it melts it reveals the cat's skeleton. Jason and I are going to burn this little guy tonight!

Favorite Quote

"Those who pursue the higher life of wisdom, who seek to live by spiritual principles, must be prepared to be laughed at and condemned. Many people who have progressively lowered their personal standards in an attempt to win social acceptance and life's comforts bitterly resent those of philosophical bent who refuse to compromise their spiritual ideals and who seek to better themselves. Never live your life in reaction to these diminished souls. Be compassionate toward them, and at the same time hold to what you know is good. When you begin your program of spiritual progress, chances are the people closest to you will deride you or accuse you of arrogance. It is your job to comport yourself humbly and to consistently hew to your moral ideals. Cling to what you know in your heart is best. Then, if you are steadfast, the very people who ridiculed you will come to admire you. If you allow the mean-spirited opinions of others to make you waver in your purpose, you incur a double shame." -Epictetus

Favorite Artists

Ellsworth Kelly, Sol LeWitt, and Brice Marden.

Favorite Songs

"Florence" by Loyle Carner, "Second To None" by Boozoo Bajou, "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" by Panic! At The Disco, and "Higher" by Naked and Famous.

Favorite Reads

Drift magazine Volume 3: Havana

Favorite Podcast

The Minimalists

Favorite Television Show
Stranger Things


  1. Too chiseled and awesome a cat to melt....but there's a skeleton inside! No choice but to light him up, right?!?