Monday, June 20, 2016

Crissy Field | Haptic Lab Ship Kite

Crissy Field, San Francisco, California

Father's Day weekend was spent at the California Academy of Sciences (more pictures tomorrow), and Crissy Field in San Francisco. Phoenix and I bought a Haptic Lab ship kite for Jason for his very first Father's Day. It was really special to simply spend the day together, listening to Queen, talking about our favorite Phoenix moments, and how truly amazing it is to be this kid's parents. 

Jason is the most amazing father, best friend, and person I have ever known. He is patient, loves us unconditionally, and provides the most amazing life for us. I always knew he would make a great father, but he has exceeded my wildest expectations. These two boys (three including our furbaby Joker) are the coolest and sweetest. I'm so, so lucky.


  1. What cool pictures, that is an awesome kite!! A great gift! And what a CUTE baby!!!! ;-) Love you all! Shala