Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Godfather of Soul

"I feel nice, like sugar and spice."

We have been spinning James Brown pretty much all week. One thing is for sure, nothing makes you get up and dance around your living room like putting on a James Brown record.  Last night Jason and I went on a movie date and saw Get On Up, which was about his rise to fame. It was a really good movie.

Have you seen it? Do you listen to James Brown?


  1. Since the marketing department at work is so small (only five people including me), we all get our own day to play our own music. On Tuesdays, Paul plays his music and there's a lot of great James Brown songs that get played every week!

    1. The music is so fun and upbeat! I can't think of better tunes for a day a work. ;)

  2. Yes, please! I love a dance party at work, the office, or anywhere, really.