Monday, July 22, 2013

The Art of Coffee Making + Brew Methods

The French Press. This is probably the second most popular method other than the classic drip. I like the full flavor, but it can be quite dense and heavy. I did learn that directly after brewing it is important to transfer the coffee to a carafe. If you leave the contents to sit it will continue to brew and disrupt the flavor.

The Espresso Machine. Lattes are definitely my weakness. They say that there is no such thing as a perfect shot, but I disagree. I believe that if it is packed correctly and you're quick to mix the espresso with the milk it will taste like heaven.

The Chemex. This is a method I'm looking forward to trying one day. Apparently this model has not changed since German inventor Peter Schlumbohm created it in 1941. The only helpful hint I've read is to ground your coffee a bit coarser than for the classic drip.

The Moka Pot. I have not tried this method yet, but planned to in the near future. I've heard it can make pretty yummy espresso, so I'm all in.

The Nel Drip. I had never heard of this method before, but it reminds me of the chemex. Apparently it produces thick, sweet taste. 

The Siphon. This looks like a science experiment. This little coffee magic maker was created in the 1840's by a Scottish marine engineer and a French housewife. When done right it produces delicate, tea-like coffee. I'd have to say this is the most interesting method I've seen yet.

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♥ Have you tried a brew method other than the classic drip?

If you live in Arizona, check this site out. It gives great tips on local coffee shops!


  1. My mom uses a french press, or if she's in a real hurry instant coffee, which obviously isn't that wonderful. The other ones look so interesting! I'd love to know which ones you try and how you like it!

    1. As soon as I try one of those new brew methods I'll do a post about it :)

  2. Oh my gosh! This is my boyfriend's ideal post. He is OBSESSED with coffee! I'm always like, "Uh...or I could just pop this pod into the Keurig."

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. This all looks great! I've been dying for a French Press...I want to try it so bad! I love coffee too much...


  4. i love this little post! i have been dying to try out that last method, i keep seeing it places! i bet it tastes amazing too!

    lindsey louise

  5. Hi there....I had a Chemex back in the 70's, loved it! It's really just a low-tech drip method. Who knows...might still have it around somewhere, remind me. Also have a cold-brew maker, makes a concentrated coffee extract that you refrigerate and use as needed, just add hot water. Lovely blog post! Love reading your blogs!!

  6. I love that starry festive! x


  7. I used to work in a cafe and totally agree about packing correctly to get a perfect cup:) I have been dying to try out a chemex! I've heard so many good things about it.