Wednesday, February 20, 2013

~ING + Dreaming DIY

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Making. This weekend I want to make a constellation scarf I saw on A Beautiful Mess. This seems like a fun, little project that is totally doable. They have a step-by-step instructions, so I'm ready to give it a go.

Believing. Patience really is a virtue. Some things in life are going to take longer than expected, and as long as you realize that everything works out in time, you'll be just fine.

Loving. Kendra Scott makes the most beautiful earrings. I'm in love with her "Danielle" turquoise ones. I saw that she has a new store open in Scottsdale Quarter. I can't wait to check it out.

Anticipating. I know this is way off, but this summer we are planning a trip to San Francisco, California. I have always wanted to visit, and I can't wait to see everything the city has to offer. If anyone has any suggestions of what to do there, let me know :)

Watching. This weekend Jason and I watched The Lord of The Rings. I haven't seen the these movies in forever! It was really fun, and I fell in love with Merry & Pippin all over again. I'm a bit of a nerdy birdie. 

Tasting. There is this cute little place in Scottsdale called d'lish that Jason and I have been eating at on the regular. It's a healthy-on-the-go kitchen and coffee house. Their salads and protein shakes are amazing. If you live in the valley check this place out.

Doing. Lately Jason, Joker, and I have been walking 5-6 miles a day. We have the best talks on our walks, and I'm already ready for next weekend because then we have more time for longer walks.

Thinking. I ordered a Hello Apparel sweatshirt, and some Radiant Cosmetics lipstick online and I can't wait until it comes in the mail. It's always fun to get a package.

Wanting. Jason and I have been talking about how we have never had a kitchen table together. We eat our meals on our coffee table. We picked out a nice white round table from IKEA, and some Eiffel chairs from Amazon. Hopefully we will be ordering that next week.

Laughing. I absolutely love 2 Broke Girls. Kat Dennings is amazing, and I think we would make good friends.

Absorbing. I feel like my blog roll is so inspiring, and I can't help but grow a little with every word, project, or a simple outfit. 

Daring. I've never really worn red lipstick. I never thought I could pull it off until I tried on Bare Minerals "Red Zin". I haven't changed up my lipstick in years, so it was fun to try something new.

♥ What ~ING is going on in your life?


  1. I saw that scarf. It's so cute and such a great idea! Whenever I'm planning a trip to a place I've never been, I always look up restaurants that I want to try while I'm there. I haven't been to San Francisco since I was younger but I'd love to go back sometime.

    1. That's a great idea! I'm sure there are a bunch of great restaurants in SF :)

  2. Can't wait to see your constellation scarf! I love that you're taking walks with Jason; it's great that you have a chance to talk and just be together! I love 2 Broke Girls too! And The Mindy Project! Have you seen it? It's so funny!

    1. I hope it turns out half as good as the one in the photo above. Also, The Mindy Project is hands down my favorite show! I love Mindy Kaling :)

  3. You must post the constellation scarf! :) I love all of you ing's. I've been doing a lot of crafting diy'ing cooking working and studying for school.

  4. oh my that scarf!! i'm ready to see that right now!!

    1. I bought all the supplies to make it, now I just have to get started :)