Wednesday, January 30, 2013

25 Before 25 + Two Months Left

At the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland on our East Coast Adventure.

I can't believe that I'm almost 25! My birthday isn't until April, but I wanted to assess what I still wanted to do in these next few months. A lot these plans are in the works, so I'm excited to see how many more things I can cross of the list.

1. See New York City
2. Go back to college
3. Take a bubble bath in a claw foot tub
4. Try a new restaurant/coffee shop once a week
5. Go camping
6. Fly a homemade kite
7. Take a hot air balloon ride
8. Hike Camelback Mountain with Jason
9. Visit Antelope Canyon
10. Spend a whole afternoon looking at the clouds
11. Create a garden full of herbs and vegetables
12. Play Super Mario Bros. on the Wii
13. Participate in a photo-a-day challenge
14. Buy an elliptical
15. Bake vegan cupcakes
16. Make new friends
17. Go kayaking at Woods Canyon Lake
18. Tear down wood paneling and paint living room
19. Make curtains
20. Learn to sew a skirt
21. Walk a marathon
22. Go to The Getty in Malibu, California
23. Build something
24. Use every Culture Pass from the library
25. Have an amazing one-year anniversary of being married

♥ What do you want to accomplish before your next birthday?


  1. Morning...! Though it's Thursday morning now ;-). Great List! Just wrote you a long comment, and it went poof before it published which is annoying me a tad. So here goes again...I can help you with the garden..I have the planting list for February and all you really need is 6-8 inches of new soil added for super duper success. I can help you with your skirt, too, even a horizontal striped one (which you'd probably enjoy wearing the most), it will be a fun challenge. Would love to join you guys on your weekly 'new cafe' adventures once in a while, I am good company, a good listener, and I usually have a good story (or two)...;-) I used to have a kite making book, if you remind me I'll try to find it. Oh, and I'm sure you mean build something for you, but you and Jason can build me a treadle feeder (or two) for the chooks (Aussie for chickens, amusing name don't you think?...). Maybe the Antelope Canyon trip can be your birthday weekend adventure? Sure you will accomplish all and keep your grades amazing too! Love 'ya!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for being so helpful :) I'll let you know where and when I start on each little project! Also, going to Antelope Canyon is such a good idea for a birthday adventure. I can't wait to talk to Jason about it so we can start planning.

  2. Great list! My birthday is in a month so I'd better start thinking of one awesome thing I want to do before it comes. Hmmm...

    1. Aw, thank you :) I can't wait to read your list!