Thursday, November 8, 2012

Top 5 + Weekly, Coming, Wishing

Currently listening to...

Top 5:
this week

Hearing my sister Michelle's baby's heartbeat
Obama winning the election
Getting a 98% on my Psychology Exam
A full 8 hours of sleep
My new pair of shoes

Top 5:
coming soon

This Sunday is my one-year anniversary being married
Seeing Skyfall, the new James Bond movie
Jason wearing his new gingham shirt
Our telescope date
Long talks, with Pumpkin spiced latte's in hand

Top 5:
wish list

Painted antlers
Mustache mug
Fox iPhone 4S case
Colorful tights
Cozy Boots

♥ What is your top 5?


  1. i love fiest! and yay one year anniversary! doing anything fun?

    1. We are going to our favorite restaurant, a fondue place called The Melting Pot :)

  2. beautiful post. i LOVE feist. she's one of my favorites. xx