Thursday, October 4, 2012

Presidential Debate + Other P's

1. Politics

I watched the first Presidential Debate last night on MSNBC. I have to say that I was a little shocked by what unfolded. President Obama is usually more aggressive, and powerful when he speaks. Last night he appeared more soft spoken and timid. Although, I'm not surprised by Mitt Romney talking around questions, and never giving an ounce of a plan on how he wants to do things differently with this country. There is still more to come, and I'm anxious to see how he steps his game up.

2. Plants

We are planning on buying this cute little terrarium from here. I can't wait to spend our weekend at either a farmer's market or Home Depot picking out some succulents to put inside it. I love succulents!

3. Project

I really like the new show, The Mindy Project. Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, and Ed Helms have already made appearances. It comes on right after New Girl, so at that point I'm pretty much in tv heaven. 

4. Pen Pal

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it would be awesome to have a pen pal! If any readers want to start some sort of blogger pen pal initiative, that would be super cool. If I did have one I would {try} to address them like the photo above. 

5. Pajamas

Ever year my family gets Christmas pajamas. Well for the night before my wedding my sister Michelle bought me a fancy pair from Victoria's Secret with polka dots. I have had my eye on the striped one's ever since! I'm thinking it would be fantastic and cozy to open presents Christmas morning with these bad boy's on.

6. Ponder

I haven't seen snow in years! I've been pondering what it would be like to live somewhere that snows {again}. I grew up in Maryland where we have beautiful white winters, but it's been years. I hope the next place we live we can actually go sledding, build a snowman, and get cozy by a fire.

7. Puzzle

I want to do a New York Times crossword puzzle. I saw this book, and I really want it!

8. Pumpkin

We have a tradition that we always carve a pumpkin with a Star Wars theme. It's so fun that I think I want to do two {or three...}.

9. Poem

We read the poem "I am Goya" in one of my classes. It was pretty moving. I feel inspired to get back into reading more poetry. This particular poem is by Andrei Voznesensky. You can read it here.

10. Picnic

I know that people generally go on picnics during the summer, but that just doesn't work in Phoenix. I'm thinking it might cool off in the next couple weeks, and then Jason, Joker, and I can sit under a shady tree and have a nice picnic.

♥ Did you watch the presidential debate? What did you think?


  1. tuesdays on fox are the best - which translates into wednesdays for me since i use hulu! and terraniums are so cool but i always think i'm going to kill them. and i'm sure it will be perfect weather soon for you for picnics - it's just raining and raining and raining here

    <3 katherine

    1. I love the rain! And yes, Tuesdays are the best days on FOX :)

  2. I have those victoria's secret pj's in the blue stripes. Love them. Also in winter they sell flannel ones and I got some cute plaid ones with a coupon code they came with free matching slippers and free shipping! They sell their pj pants in short and tall sizes too and since I'm tall this is why I'm such a fan

    1. Shorts versions would be cool! Sounds like you got an awesome deal on them!

  3. The Star Wars pumpkin idea is awesome! My boys are huge Star Wars fans, and I'm surprised that this year is not a repeat costume wise (we were collectively Han, Leia, Darth Vader and Luke last year).