Saturday, July 14, 2012

Senses Saturday + Canasta

{Sight} Jason are I have been going to coffee shops and playing Canasta. My family has always been really into card games, and most games in general. This is one of my favorites.

{Scent} My favorite thing about July is that it finally gets gloomy! I love the smell of rain in the air. 

{Sound} I love this song by Pink Martini called "Hang On Little Tomato". It fits my mood perfectly.

{Taste} For breakfast we eat oatmeal with raisins. It's so delicious {and nutritious!} :)

{Touch} My parents gave me this record player when I was in high school, for one of my birthdays. There is something about the act of putting a record on that makes me smile. We have over 200 records in our collection. You can't go wrong with The Beatles!

 What is a favorite sense of yours from this week? Hope everyone has a blissful Saturday!


  1. i LOVED this post!! 1. i love gloomy july and how it finally starts to cool down. (it's raining as we speak right now!) 2. that little tomato song is beautiful (and the title is adorable) and 3. i've been looking for a record player for years! enjoy your week

    1. I love the title of the song too! I'm glad you liked the post :) Thanks for reading it.