Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mamma's Day + Aspen Trees

Northern Arizona University's mascot is the Lumberjack.
What an action packed weekend it was! I would say it was full of adventure, love, and pure happiness. Friday morning Jason and I woke up early and made the two hour drive north to Flagstaff to attend our friend Brian's graduation at Northern Arizona University. Brian got his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. It was such a wonderful thing to watch someone you care about accomplish something so great. There was a moment when I looked across to the other side of the stadium and it was beautiful seeing flashes of light spark from place to place as loved ones took photos that they will look back on from years to come. All the photos, and all the love that was felt in that room was endless. It gave me such inspiration to stick it out until I find what makes me happy to do in life. After the graduation we met up with Brian for a moment, and then when he left with his family we decided to get a cup of coffee and play around town.

Brian {left}, Jason {right}

We went to Bookman's first. It's an awesome used book store, but this time it wasn't so awesome because they didn't have the book I was looking for. Then we went across the street to Starbucks and I indulged in my favorite drink: iced vanilla soy latte. I swear I could live off the stuff. After Jason I spent a good hour laughing, goofing around, and going back and forth playing Words With Friends, we deciding to go on a nice hike and start one of our memorable, long conversations.

It's hard to tell, but my phone says that I won our Words With Friends game.

We love to walk and talk, and after being together over 4 years we always learn something new about each other on our hikes. Our hikes average 3-4 miles, and this time we went a little deeper and came across the most beautiful collection of Aspen trees I had ever seen. We stopped for a moment and took it all in. A little while later we went home and watched an episode of House {or two, or three..}

Aspen Trees on the Arizona Trail in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I woke up Saturday to my phone chiming. Jason and I both had demos to do. Sometimes on the weekend we work at Fry's demonstrating products. I got to do Seattle's Best Coffee so I wasn't complaining. Who wouldn't love a girl giving them fresh, free coffee in the morning? After that we went over to my parent's house and played some cards {Monopoly Deal} and then went home and took a nice, long walk. Sunday was a little more exciting because it was Mother's Day! We took his mom and brother out to P.F. Changs for lunch and gave her a photo of the four of us from the wedding. I really think she liked it. I kind of have a sentimental heart. After lunch we went back to her place and picked some peaches off her tree. They were delicious! I'm a big fan of all things natural, and it doesn't get much better than that.

{Chris, Me, Jason, Michael}

{Michelle, Brady, Me, Jason, Pat, Michael}

After we spent the afternoon with my momma-in-law we picked up some roses and calla lilies for my mom from Trader Joe's on the way home. We both signed a card, and got her photo from the wedding all ready to go. My sister made us all dinner, and it was great to spend some time with the family. We of course played cards and as always I ask a lot questions about what their favorites memories were with their mom, and my mom as a mom. I got to learn more about my great grandparents on my dad's side and I love hearing new stories that I never knew before. And my dad always throws in a little history lesson about "what things were like back in the day". It's cute, and we learn something. He talked a little about street cars in Baltimore city. I did a little research and found a cool photo.

Street car in Baltimore, Maryland

Alright, so Monday isn't the weekend but I certainly had a blast. My mom and I both had some time to go on a hike, so we did. I try to spend as much time with family as I can now because Jason and I are planning to move when he is done with school. We drove about  half hour passed Flagstaff to Red Mountain Trail. It's an ancient volcano that erupted a million years ago. We took Joker and her little puppy, Belle. It was Belle's first hike so it was extra special. It was a beautiful place and I can't wait to go back with Jason. The smoothness of the stone and the twisted trees made it a magical place.

This is Belle. She's only 6 mo. & going on her first hike!

Twisty Trees.

Happy Mamma!

This reminds me of an old Star Trek episode.

The middle of an ancient volcano.

Joker climbed UP & DOWN this ladder. He's so brave!

My grey TOMS blend in the dirt.

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