Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kayaking + A Bald Eagle

Kissin' on the kayak.

The real nerdy birdie.

"I'm on a boat..."

That's a bald eagle.

Chillin' like a villain.

The lizard king. He had a blue belly.

Doesn't this look like a piggy?

At peace.

We took a trip to {Woods Canyon Lake}, a little ways passed Payson, Arizona. It was ridiculously busy because it's Memorial Day Weekend. We borrowed my parents kayak, and took it out on the lake for a couple of hours. I love nature and all the fun adventures you can have, and I truly live for days like this. After all the oar-ing around we took a little hike around the rim. It was a really great day. I'm so thankful that my dad let us borrow his CRV, because I don't know if Black Betty (our Prius) would have liked a huge kayak strapped to her.

{"I'm On A Boat"} by The Lonely Island. How could we not think of this song? :)

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